Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Around the House

Around the house pretty much sums up our recent activities,
between floods and winter weather we haven't had much
to do outside with the exception of last weekend when
the temperatures climbed to 60!!

Instead we have focused on our indoor enjoyment.
Taylor, my granddaughter, strives to be the pool shark.
Our basement isn't fixed up but we still get lots of use from it.
My husband will paint the walls and put up a divider between
the exercise/game/ham shack area and the storage.
Currently it's just a jumble.

We've been throwing darts but I can't say that 
I am very good at it.  Short with short arms.

I came home one day to find my husband
strung Christmas lights up on the ceiling!
Festive, if nothing else and it does give us more light
over the table.  I don't have a photo but he installed
one of those hanging lights you see on breakfast bars,
this one is red so not glaring as you play pool but
adds good light.

I used my new Jane to quilt a mug rug.  It sure
is more smooth for quilting than my Pfaff so I'll 
use the Pfaff for piecing but this one for quilting.

While watching TV I"ll also pick up some embroidery.  I have
several of these complete and will eventually make up
a throw sized quilt or wall hanging.

My card reader died so I haven't been able to get photos
off my camera and onto my computer (no, I don't have or use
a smart phone with a camera).  For now I'll use my tablet for 
photos but need to get a new reader pretty quickly.

I hope that ground hog was right because I really am sick 
of winter.  Not that it has been a particularly harsh winter here
but Spring is so much better!


Lady Locust said...

Winter hasn't been so bad here either, but spring does sound nice, doesn't it? Nice that you have some indoor rec. to keep you (& Taylor) occupied. I like your little chickens:)

LindaG said...

My hand eye coordination is pretty much abysmal. I have short arms, too, and wear bifocals now as well.
Blessings to you all.

Yahoobuckaroo's Blog said...

Can't you just run a USB cord from your camera to your computer?

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

No, my regular camera is too old, before USB connections. I do have a nice 35 MM but the camera place said it is much better to use the card reader so nothing hurts the camera.

Harry Flashman said...

I haven't been doing much outside either. One or two days of decent weather, then eithe it rains like the devil or it's bitterly cold.

I like your house. Our basement is divided into a family room, a big storeroom, what used to be a sewing room but is now my computer room, and the laundry room. Alas, I got a wood burning stove in but no room for a pool table. I wish there were.

Gorges Smythe said...

Kathy, just do like the old Indian said in Jesse Wales and "endeavor to persevere!"