Sunday, November 8, 2015

Lathe Upgrade- Seam Rippers, Pens and More

Wood working is both an occupation and passion for my 
carpenter husband who has converted our garage into
his shop with the exception of a space for my car at night.

Our newest acquisition is a Nova 1624/44 wood lathe upgrade from his old
Craig's list acquired Craftsman which had limitations due 
to size and stabilization. He will be able to use this
both personally and in his occupation.  

The first order of business was to create a handle for 
one of the tools that came with the lathe.

He has orders for seam rippers as well.  These are
the first creations using the new tool.  The image below
will show how the seam ripper pulls out of the end, 
is reinserted so the ripper is exposed and can then
be pushed back inside for storage.  

There is no set shape to these, it is all free hand.

He has also been creating pens, these were on the old 
lathe.  He has an order to turn a pen for a friend's daughter
made from a walnut tree that grew outside the daughter's room.
He will also make a wooden business card holder from the same tree.

There are so many things he can make from bottle stoppers,
furniture, rolling pens, kitchen utensils, toys, ornaments, etc.
I'll post about his mason jar toppers on a separate post.

He's going to give me lessons so I can try turning so that should
be fun.  

Update on Medical
I'm feeling better but on quite a few meds for my 
now full blown colitis.  I have to consult with the Dr. on
the steroid, it seems to play around with my blood sugar
and I have to eat something or have a hard candy to feel
better.  Also I am experiencing some lower leg and foot swelling.
All in all I am doing better than the last couple of months and
hope to avoid another hospital stay!!!!


Powell River Books said...

I have my mom's old seam ripper. I don't do much sewing, mostly mending. My dad like to build furniture and his garage always housed lots of saws and a large lathe as well. I have some beautiful pieces he made. A few had to be left behind in moves and that was really hard. Glad you are feeling better. Hope the trend continues. - Margy

Manny said...

Really cool. I've always been impressed with people who can run lathes. As an engineer I've had many metal parts machined on what are machine shop lathes, which are million dollar pieces of equipment. Machinists interest me, the way the chuck parts up and work out the machining process in the computerized part of the lathe. But these wood lathes are great too. I would love to get one, but I wouldn't have anything to do with it. Nor a place to put it.

Manny said...

Oh I just noticed your medical update. I'm happy to hear you're doing better. God be with you.

LindaG said...

Yup. Steroids always make my hubby's blood sugar go up.
Your hubby does amazing work. I'll bet it's a good paying hobby if he wants to turn it into one.
Keeping you in my prayers. Have a blessed week.

Yahoobuckaroo's Blog said...

I had a friend when I was a butcher who used to make and sell picnic tables and kids stuff like rocking horses. He had more orders than he could fill just selling from his home and side-yard.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

He is doing beautiful work! My husband has wanted a lathe for a while. He is pretty handy with wood projects so I think he would enjoy it.