Sunday, August 16, 2015

Breakfast Visitor

Our morning ritual includes feeding the porch cats,
one scoop each, a scoop for the birds and one for 
little raccoon that waits under the porch for the breakfast call.

I'll default to "she" since I haven't been able to determine
if it's female or male.  She peeks out from under
the porch or comes up on the first step or two.
She gets her scoop and is content to sit on the steps
and eat while the cats get their fill on the porch.
(unless the cats take too long!)

I'll sit on a chair and have a brief conversations,
a bit one sided but she does look up and listen.
We generally discuss how beautiful she is or
what a nice day it is turning out to be.

If the cats don't eat everything (or if she eats faster)
she'll come up on the deck and scavenge for the remaining 
pieces.  While she goes back to sleep shortly thereafter, 
she'll be back at dusk to see what I have left her in the yard.
It might be older eggs, leftover scraps from dinner and anything
the cats have not eaten.

She's really quite calm and there is never a growl or 
any aggressive behavior to us or the cats.  If another 
raccoon comes up I make sure to leave but I will stay
(as you have seen before) if little skunk arrives, I just
stay on the "right" side of the skunk!


Powell River Books said...

One time I had a raccoon come in the cat door and help itself to food from the dish. It was a bit scary trying to get him back out of the house. - Margy

Harry Flashman said...

I like to have raccoon's and possum's come up to the house. The dogs don't bother them, and I like to watch them. I put out enough cat food that there is always some left over, but I have to do it after the chickens roost or they will eat it. I hardly ever see the forest animals in broad daylight, but I see them a lot at dawn or dusk.

Carole Barkett said...

Hi, Kathy I'm so glad you visited my post
about our raccoons so I could find your blog. It's wonderful to find another person who also likes Raccoons. I have read stories about how dangerous they are to cats and dogs by mine (all 7 after the babies come) never were even upset with ours. My husband eventually got them to come right up to the door and take a peanut butter sandwich from him.