Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Woods are Thick

The woods are thick this year.  This is the view from my
back deck looking to the side yard.  We have had such a 
long, cool, wet Spring that the trees and grasses have 
taken off.  Typically we might see the deer strolling by as
they munch on leaves or the opossum and raccoon creeping
by the brush piles but this year you can see only thick greenery,  

The chickens have plenty of shade.  The string you see in the photo
is part of the guy wires that hold up my husband's ham radio
antenna.  The birds enjoy sitting on them, in fact the 
hummingbirds rest there awaiting their turn at the feeder.

This is one of his antennas.  He has his Extra Ticket
now so he is authorized to use all the privileges afforded 
ham radio operators.  As a whole, there are only
about 130,000 + or- hams that have this, out of 750,000 
ham radio operators in the US.  It required a great deal 
of study with heavy math and electrical theory.

The hedge rose is covered in sweet smelling blooms
but I am forever picking worms off the bushes and plants.
They are having a great spring too, along with the weeds.

Wild catnip is popping up among the clover.
It's surprising that the cats don't seem attracted to 
it while it's growing. I have to tear off leaves and 
crush them before they notice.  And they REALLY notice!

We're down to three cats now plus one that wants to 
live here but is too aggressive for my girls.  I feel 
sorry for it because it is obviously abandoned, probably
a house cat that someone dumped or couldn't find when
they moved.  I try to leave some food for it but the
raccoons beat him to it most of the time. If he can
get along with our girls he is welcome to stay.  We 
don't have a male to protect them now that Spot is gone,

We will have more rain this weekend.  Our tomato leaves are 
turning yellow due to the moisture and I have not gotten the 
big garden in at all.  My knee has improved so I'm up for
more activity although I can't kneel or stress it too much.
It is nice to not use the walker at work but it was sure 
convenient for hauling around my laptop and notebooks!


Faith said...

Lovely pictures, the Hedgerose is so pretty. Everything so lush and green. I have not planted any tomatoes, I started some hot peppers from seed, I don't know if they would survive the garden as we have plenty of squirrel who like to forage around in my plants and containers. Spring is an awesome season, and one of my favorites, the other is fall.

Harry Flashman said...

I get most of my cats when they just come out of the woods and set up housekeeping. The only two that I have who fight and are ugly, are brothers. They were born in Florida, and my daughter left them here with us when she moved from Jacksonville , up North.

We are experiencing exactly the same phenomenon you are with the forest being so lush and green. My wife said she had never seen it this way before as we were coming up the trail the other day. The trees and brush have grown in the trail so much that now it brushes the sides of the Jeep as we go up or down. I am going to have to go down there with brush cutters and cut it back.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Hi Kathy!
So glad to hear that your knee is improving... take it easy!
Your property looks so lush and green! Ours is green... and wet. Very waterlogged.
Our chicken house was built with shade in mind behind our barn...but even it has water standing in it.
The hedge rose is pretty. I've heard people speak of hedge rose...but I thought they were talking about HEDGE ROWS... LOL!
it's all in how you hear it, I guess.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I think we will have a rain free day on Friday but it is supposed to rain on and off the rest of the weekend. Our weatherman said that June will be the same way.

Gorges Smythe said...

Just don't overdo it with the knee!

Powell River Books said...

A hard time to be injured with all the garden things calling. Our forests are green and lush as well. It is so pretty with all the different shades of green. - Margy