Sunday, March 8, 2015

How Do You Make Your Coffee?

I posed this question to my Facebook friends,
Do you reuse your coffee grounds?

I have a 4 cup Mr Coffee because for a long time
I was the only coffee drinker, not by choice but
due to some medical issues, my husband had to stay
away from caffeine for a long while.  I didn't need to
make 8-12 cups for myself and take up more counter space
so the 4 cup made sense.

Now that my husband can go back to drinking some coffee
those 4 cups don't quite make it.  After the initial brew
we add two scoops to the original grounds and another four cups of
water.  The fresh grounds mix in with the once used grounds
to make four cups of coffee.  I use sugar and creamer so I
don't notice any difference.  My husband drinks it black and
seems to think it's OK too. With coffee prices what they are,
why wouldn't we do this since we can't tell a difference in taste?

Most of the Facebook friends either do the same thing
or, if not, they save the grounds for compost.

So how do you make your coffee?
Do you use the spent grounds afterward?


Harry Flashman said...

I used to save the grounds but now I just throw them into the woods. If we go into gardening I think I will keep them for the compost pile.

Manny said...

No I never heard of anyone using the grinds more than once until now. When I composted I did save the grinds, and my mother still does. I don't use a coffee maker; I perc coffee on top of the oven the old fashion way. And at home I use a liquid creamer that is already sweet, so I don't need sugar. At work we have one of those k-cup coffee makers and I use powdered creamer and sugar. If I'm out somewhere and I buy a cup I use sugar and half and half.

Powell River Books said...

We don't have enough electricity at the cabin for a coffee maker so I use an old fashioned percolator. I think it makes better coffee than my Mr. Coffee that we use when we go to town. In the city, I'm ashamed to say that I discard my grounds. At the cabin, in the summer I add them to the garden around the plants. Sometimes in the winter I dry them on the woodstove to save without moulding. Otherwise, I wrap them in paper to burn while the fire is hot. - Margy

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I need to start saving those grounds. I used to walk them up to the compost pile but this winter I sort of got distracted or maybe it was just too cold.

My husband has a percolator and loves it. We use it when the power is out or when we are camping.

Mrs. Mac said...

My in-laws used to do this .. it's a throwback habit from the great depression. We are fortunate in having a small coffee roasting business owned by friends just down the street. Using our percolator, I have been able to cut down by 1/2 the amount of coffee we used to use by buying finely ground coffee and using a filter.

Yahoobuckaroo's Blog said...

I reuse grounds in almost the same way except I actually let my old grounds sit in the strainer overnight and will just add a big heaping spoonful to them in the morning to make three moore cups. It hasn't killed me yet, although it would probably be more sensible to put the strainer with the grounds in the fridge when not in use. I don't drink much coffee these days anyway though.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I have started using coffee grounds next day - just like YahooBuckaroo. I saw someone do it before and recently thought I'd try it. Guess what?! It tastes just fine after you tweak it a little. The oter thing is any leftover coffee goes into a mason jar and into the fridge-- I microwave it later or will drink it early morning before fresh coffee is finished. I use cream and coconut oil in my coffee - so it taste fine to me!
I think people are selectively squeamish about these things -- :)