Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall in Hot Springs

The hydrangeas are beginning to fade leaving papery blooms ranging from bluish grey to purple here in Hot Springs where I am visiting my mother, who has just been released from the hospital after a three month stay ranging from intensive care to physical therapy rehab.    

Her holly bushes are thick with berries and squirrels are jumping from tree to tree collecting their winter stash.  The winds yesterday resulted in a firestorm of acorns falling like tiny rockets which have blanketed the drive and walks.

A pretty red leaf floats in the lake which has been lowered for winter.  You can see all the shells that have washed up to the sea wall and if you were in the mood to collect them, you could jump down and stroll along the wall.  This year they opened the dam and took the level down three feet which is not a problem; however some years it is lowered more than that and docks have to be moved, in areas where the water is not deep enough the boats have to come out or end up on dry land.

If you look closely you will see how many acorns fell into the water.  I like being able to see what lies beneath, unless I am swimming and there is a big fish!!

While the crepe myrtles have lost their blooms the bark is so pretty that you still have something to look at.

I will be visiting until I return home Saturday morning. My husband has been taking care of the house, cats and chicks plus keeping me up to date on what is happening at home.  I just love my Nexus7 tablet for this.  We use Google hangouts to talk to each other with video!!  Plus I kept up with email and all my Facebook buddies.    


Sunnybrook Farm said...

That reminds me, last year we were over run with squirrels and this year they are a rare thing. No acorns last year and some old guy said that squirrels will leave an are when that happens. Of course there are lots of acorns this year so maybe they will come back.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Beautiful pictures of your mom's gardens. Glad she home and recovering.
Enjoy your time with her.

Harry Flashman said...

I imagine you need to get home and decompress. I hope you have some quiet time.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

To sleep all night through!! Not just taking care of her but I hear the trash truck (that beeps) and the paper man either is on the phone orvplays talk radio loud enough for me to hear the dialogue. I leave tomorrow and have to drive through snow!