Sunday, February 16, 2014

Iced Over - Skating on the Road

The road turned to ice after a slight warm up Friday.
We didn't try to venture out on Saturday,  
even the grass was iced over.  My husband
slipped and slid down to the coop to give them 
water and put them up for the night.

The paved road is OK but we are expecting
  freezing rain between midnight and morning
which could make for a nasty commute.
I'll have to see what happens before I take off.

This is the way out-around the 
corner and it winds down the hill.
The actual hill is paved so maybe it will be ok.
Certainly the street crews will be working
in town, it's just getting to the main road that is the problem.

I shared our deer photos this morning on FB
with a video as well.  One little guy started
at the chicken coop looking for stray feed
and was then joined by two others.
This is our side garden, mostly for salad greens
and where my pumpkins grew as a surprise.
It is directly below my living room window.

They new I was there but couldn't find me through the window.
The turkey are much smarter, they know exactly where we are.
The box is our potato box which worked really well.
The white tube is our well.

The white pole is one of our ham radio antennas.
This is looking towards the coop.
The deer made their way around the house to the 
front courtyard where they munched on honeysuckle bush,
even though it is brown and dormant.

I'm getting pretty tired of winter.
It's the worst one in a decade at least.


Candy C. said...

You be careful on those icy roads! Yikes! I'll just bet all you folks up north are ready for this loooong winter to be over.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Those roads look nasty. Our drive had ice under the snow and I finally got that busted off so I can go to work tomorrow as it is all up hill out of here.We have had a lot of birds coming in to eat but no deer, there is still a lot of food in the brush areas such as rose bush and honeysuckle. I am very tired of the cold, it has been winter here since late October.

Gorges Smythe said...

I haven't enjoyed this winter much either, Kathy. Here I just supposed it was because I was old and grumpy! ;-)

Harry Flashman said...

I liked the deer but I feel for you with all that ice. I got out today for the first time since Monday morning.

I didn't know your husband and you were into Ham radio. I listen to them a lot in the evenings. Tell me your callsigns and the freqs you haunt, and I'll listen in for you some night.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Hey Harry, this is Tom. I'm too lazy to log my wife out and log back in. My call sign is KD0QKK. I'm usually on 40 and 20 meter. I pretty much bounce around all over the place on them. I've been on 12 meter during the day lately because the propagation has been great.

I don't know if you ever go to If you do there's a graphic on the top bar that tells how the sun is affecting propagation and what bands are doing the best at what times. I tend to use that as a guide for where to go.

Usually I'm down around 7.200 on 40 meter and on 20 around 14.300. But like I said, I bounce all around.

Get your ticket and get a radio. It's more fun than just listening though I still listen a lot to shortwave and other hams rag chewing. If you have any question s let me know and I'll help as much as I can.


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

that's all we usually get is ICE hardly any snow.
So be careful out there.
I wish we had deer that close-- we probably have them closer than we realize.
We talked to the property owner behind us today and were talking about the hogs around here-- apparently they aren't just migrating, he's seen momma's and piglets and quite a few! If I could get that close, I'd get a you.
It was interesting reading the comments from Harry and your Hubby about Ham radio. I think it would be something fun to do. My father in law was an operator and had a license when he was alive.
Y'all take care and be care ful out there!

LindaG said...

That ice storm we had was the tenth worst in 150 years. I'll probably want a little of it this summer, but right now, a little warm is nice, too.

Be safe!