Thursday, July 17, 2014

A PotOMeat and Squashes

I'll be the first to admit that I am not much of a meat eater,
not quite a vegetarian either- 
because there is Bacon- you can't turn down bacon!
That being said, my husband makes the BEST
St Louis pork steaks ever-- tender,
gooey, Malls BBQ sauce covered pork steaks.

They are fall of the bone good,
especially paired with zucchini or yellow squash.
Here we marinated sliced zucchini in Italian dressing,
and put them on the grill after seasoning.

(It is at this point that he left me in charge of the grill
which was soon engulfed in flames as the Italian 
dressing dripped onto the hot coals.  
Never, never leave me in charge of the bbq!)

The yellow squash was mixed with sausage, bacon,
tomatoes, onion and cheese.  Then wrapped in foil and grilled.
The deviled eggs are compliments of our chicks.
Tom has me add Durkee's Famous Sauce that 
gives them a little tang.  I just cut down the mayo
or mustard (or a little of both) and add the Durkee's.
It is sort of between a mayo and a mustard.

Another favorite was baked zucchini, marinaded
in dressing, sprinkled with seasonings and covered
in cheese that melted all over the top!

Paired with a piece of cheesy Texas toast, it was 
a perfect meal!  
(Tom would say it was missing meat)

I've got a fridge full of squash so I better get busy
making some pickled squash, squash muffins, squash bread
and whatever else I can find on line!



Looks mighty good. I started to reach into pot and get me a bbq pork steak...and squash....

LindaG said...

Looks great!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Harry Flashman said...

I am on a diet and working out every day on my "elliptical." But alas, I come here and see the wonderful food, and sometimes I am overwhelmed and have to go make a frozen burrito. If I had access to food like you cook I would eat until I fell over in a dead faint.