Monday, September 15, 2014

Avoiding County Lockup- What a Picture!

I swear I almost ended up in County Lock Up last week!
Really, I could see it happening
and a jury of photographers would have never convicted me
if it went to trial!

I stopped in at a Very Well Known Mass Merchandiser Big Box Store
to use their photo department.  I generally don't print too many pictures
but I was giving them to someone else and needed prints.
I used one of the banks of machines along the row, 
got my receipt but decided to stop in the next day for pickup
rather than wait the hour.

The Next Day
I arrived at the store and proceeded to the photo checkout counter
where I had to push a touch screen which would alert personnel
that someone needed assistance either with photo or a merchandise pickup.
After about 10  minutes someone finally asked if we needed help.
Yes. Why else would we be waiting in the line all by ourselves?

 When an employee arrived, he had no idea how to ring up photos.
He couldn't find the bar code and didn't know how much to charge.
"What about that huge blue sign above the counter that shows pricing," 
I suggested.  Ohhhh yeah, that works.

Except I had a 5 X 7 and there was no pricing to be found.
Not on the board,
Not on the receipt,
Not on the machines.
I think it displays only on screen but doesn't provide a summary on the receipt.

After three employees gathered to decide what to charge me,
one of them finally discovered the barcode.
I paid and took the photos out to view them.

Wait, I said, something is wrong.
Three of them (which I have printed before) turned out horrible.
They asked me- which machine did you use?
 One of them along the long bank of photo machines.
Where did they print out?
What?  How would I know?
Was it one of the printers in our back room?
Really?  You're asking ME which printer in the back room might have been used?
I have NO IDEA! 

Oh, and the 5 x 7 is fine but it cut the head off one of the chickens 
on the  4 x 6.
Oh, that's because you got a smaller size!
No, it doesn't work like that.  Photos are reduced keeping the proper size ratio.
Do you think they just cut the edges off to make it smaller?
Would your 8 x 10 of Aunt Lucy be reduced to a photo of her belly button
if you selected a 4 x 6?

See my two photos posted here?
One is BIG and the other SMALL.
The edges are still intact.

These are the people managing the PHOTO department?

I had about HAD IT by this time.
Please give me a refund for the four photos that are bad.
I will print them at Walgreens tomorrow.
(Which was a bad idea because they were 3 times the price).
I was Stressed to say the least - I have time constraints on these photos
and I thought getting them over the course of two days would be
sufficient for 1 hr photos.
I was wrong.

I did manage to control my temper
and avoid causing a scene that could have
left me pacing the floor behind bars in
the county lockup.

I signed up for Shutterfly.
Let's see if this goes any better, other than my horrible upload speed!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wickedly Easy Red Finish

I finally finished my wickedly easy red quilt!
I have been putting off quilting the borders 
and attaching the binding.  I did this on my home machine and practiced stitches.  Now I know what not to do. LOL!

My next project is a Halloween themed runner that has applique, something that is new to me. It should be fun.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dehydrating Tomatoes

To preserve the harvest, especially as
the tomatoes are winding down and
we don't have enough to can at one time,
I slip them into the dehydrator as they ripen.

This is a Cherokee Purple with deep red
flesh and a reddish-purplish cast to the skin.

I have several other non-paste varieties which 
I have sliced about 1/4 inch thick and lined on
the dehydrator sheets so they are not touching.

They will greatly reduce in thickness and look difficult to remove.
To do so, I fold the sheet up just a little
so the sides begin to peel off the sheet
and then pluck them up as they begin to break loose.

Although I still had a single sheet of peppers dehydrating, 
I just added the rest of the trays with tomatoes and 
kicked up the temperature a slight notch.

I store the tomatoes in either sealed tubs
that have a gasket lined lid or in large screw top
tubs, the same as I do with dried potatoes.  

The flavor is very intense.  These are plain but 
you could add spices or herbs to flavor them and then
 grab a couple to put into soups, munch by themselves
or add to pastas, salads, pizza or for bruchetta.

The next batch of tomatoes is in the dehydrator and 
we still have more peppers to pick so the season is far from done.  
I'll have my sage and rosemary to add to the mix before frost comes as well.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

I Ventured Out

I ventured out on Friday after a suffering through a stomach
virus for the last couple of days.  I decided to take
just one more day off so I wouldn't infect everyone at work.
 I don't think I was quite ready to go far but took a stroll
through our local Agape House to see if there were any bargains.

And there were!
I picked up this new series of books that revolve around quilts,
I know it's Harlequin, and some people don't care for them,
 but they look to be nice mysteries and have a quilt theme.
I couldn't resist a cat mystery and I love MC Beaton novels!
Bargains at $0.50 !!

Then I found 8 salad plates for $1.00 that match my dishes!!
I need to find the same deal with the salad bowls too, 
I look every time I go past a resale shop.
I love stoneware and Mom had this pattern when I was a kid
so I grabbed a set a rock bottom prices at St Vincent DePaul resale
when I saw them awhile back.  I washed them and stacked them 
in the cabinet with the others so I'm covered for now.

It is a good place for dishware, kids clothing and nicknacks but 
not so great on clothing.  Books are great there, very inexpensive 
and they are categorized but the stock doesn't rotate much.
It's a good cause though so I love stopping in.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Ah Ha!! Caught Him!

I KNEW it!
See what I discovered when I unexpectedly opened the garage door?

My husband had run up to the farm supply store.
He thought I was too sick, sleeping in the recliner recovering
from this bug that I caught.

But he was wrong.

The TRACTOR was in the garage.
See the car thrown out into the elements,
the one out baking in the 95+ degree weather?
That is my car. The car that lives in the GARAGE.

Now I know what happens when I leave for work.
He brings Tractor into the garage where it is 
lovingly cared for and rests in comfort.
He probably redirects the A/C vents to keep it nice and cool.
Then I would image about 30 minutes before I am due home,
he likely drives it back to the tent shed as if nothing
ever happened!

 The man does love his tractor!

Really, he was making some repairs. He had to weld up
a bracket that had broken from the previous owner's repair
to the thingy you step on to get on the tractor.  (Yes, I know,
I'm pretty technical when it comes to tractor parts.)
He welded, he painted and his baby was better than before.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dehydrated Peppers

My husband's square foot test garden was very successful this year.
He planted a pepper garden with varieties such as bell peppers,
 tabascos, jalapenos, moles, banannas, and poblanos and thai dragons.
   They took off like a rocket and most are just as hot too!

He has been harvesting and pickling or dehydrating them
 for future use.  Next in the dehydrator will be the recently
picked tomatoes sliced into wagon wheel shape.  Tom
loves how concentrated the tomato flavor becomes, almost
sweet.  He's been known to take a few to work for a mid-day meal.

We still have tomatillos to process plus all the rest of the peppers
that are still growing on the vine.  

I came down with a 24-48 hr virus and was sicker than a dog
yesterday, still a bit today but I know I am improving- I felt
like cleaning up the mess of cups and hard candy wrappers that I made 
while laying in my recliner and wishing I could keep something down, 
even water would have been nice.

We just returned from a trip to the gas station.  Where I live that is a combination gas station, grocery, restaurant and minor cleaning and hardware supplies plus
the required live bait.  When I am sick I always want a slush, sometimes
I can keep it down when all else fails.  I came home with my favorite,
blue raspberry!  I can feel the healing already.

I'm still on-and-off with my posts as I have some other
issues to deal with for a bit so pardon the sporadic publications.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Magnolia Pods

I collected these pretty magnolia pods while I was away.
They had fallen to the ground but there were some giant ones still on the trees.
I would like to let them dry and make some sort of display,
maybe a shadow box or something along those lines.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Garden Update

Sharing a brief update-
While I have been away my husband kept busy with
the ripening tomatoes.  He added another 24 jars of sauce.

We picked peppers from the square foot garden.
This bag was completely filled and there are still more on the vine!

Mostly hot but some are not.

The destruction to my squash plants is horrendous. 
Without me removing eggs every day for over a week,
they matured and took over.  Huge adults are marching across the 
vines, killing most of them.  I salvaged only two squash.

The tomatoes continue to come in as well as the tomatillos.

I'll be posting on and off.
Thank you for your patience and concerns.
I am fine but to protect the privacy of others, I 
can't provide additional details.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Away from Blogger Still

For your viewing pleasure-
A beautiful lake scene.

I'm still tending to some things 
so blogging is on the back burner.

I've got to get up to the garden tonight,
the Squash Bugs took advantage of my inattention.
They are so big you could put a saddle on them.

See you soon.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014